SwarmSketch.com is a website that allows users to draw based on a single idea.  The site will put forward an idea, the collective will draw for 100px, then vote on others lines.

This is piece is called "Orange Peel"

SwarmSketch is an ongoing online canvas that explores the possibilities of distributed design by the masses. Each week it randomly chooses a popular search term which becomes the sketch subject for the week. In this way, the collective is sketching what the collective thought was important each week. A new sketch begins after one week, or after the previous sketch reaches one thousand lines, whichever comes first.

All in all, it kind of comes out as a mess…  But hey, this is what it looks like when the masses draw.

2 Responses to “SwarmSketch”
  1. diette says:

    “developed by Peter Edmunds as part of an honours project at the University of Canberra”… i checked out the university’s site and was unable to find anything usable – maybe someone else can give it a go?

  2. diette says:

    … also the “links” tab on this site has other stuff that relates to what we are doing.

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