collective control


Real Time Crowd Control of Existing Interfaces

What is Legion?: “a system that allows end users to easily capture existing GUIs and outsource them for collaborative, real-time control by the crowd.”

Here is the supporting documentation of the experiments utilizing Legion: Realtime Crowd Control of Existing Interfaces PDF


  • able to achieve “multiple crowd workers collaboratively control(ing) an existing interface in real-time”.
  • able to manipulate several different existing GUI’s


  • crowd missing appropriate feedback, felt like they were not contributing to the outcome.
  • enabling messaging between users “resulted in poor quality input as workers mimicked what the crowd was already doing.


“Legion can be used as a basis for interactive programming by demonstration. Future work may look to better support end users training a crowd to help them on their tasks, or new input mediators that will continue to reward the crowd for exercising control similar to what the end user demonstrated even after the user has left.”


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