Crowds in Two Seconds: Enabling Realtime Crowd-Powered Interfaces

There’s a video here demonstrating prototype-like a couple of researchy products they’ve made: Advertisements

Touch Vision Interface

Teehan + Lax Labs Teehan + Lax Labs presents Touch Vision Interface, combining user input with augmented reality. Touch Vision Interface from Teehan+Lax Labs on Vimeo. Although the above prototype has not extended as far as multiple users, this is still a work in progress that the company is interested in seeing how far they … Continue reading

Tina’s 5 Research Project uses for crowd polling David’s system that allows you to crowd-poll music at a party. Research study on crowd-polling for use in changing group behaviour: Interactive stories that change your own decisions based on crowd polling choices: Research paper discussing the importance of real-time feedback in crowd polling systems and suggestions for lowering crowd latency: … Continue reading

Crowd Polling Resources

Some results for Crowd Polling on Google: A website that allows you to crowd-poll on ideas: Teehan+Lax discusses billboard polls: iOS mobile crowd polling app: More Audience Response: Crowd games: Mobile polling station: Interaxon’s brainwave collective control of the CN Tower lights at Vancouver Olympics 2010: Audience Response systems on Wikipedia: Collectively controlling a helicopter … Continue reading

found another source i found the above link when  i went off on a trail. may lead us somewhere.

case study: audience interactive story

Last Call by 13th Street the First Interactive Theatrical thisisnotadvertising wordpress blog: “Viewer sends their phone number for a database, system selects a phone number and phones viewer, then a dialogue between viewer and character take place.” “the weaknesses of this movie is that it is hardly to control the dynamic interactive plot outcomes from … Continue reading

Demonstrates phone and web-based controllers.

MegaPhone Labs was originally developed by Jury Hahn and Chris Kairalla at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU

collaboration in art

Johnny Cash Project this site was designed by Chris Milk and is outlined on his webfolio, he considers this an “experimental” piece. onbrightdesign wordpress blog about the project: “There are a vast amount of possibilities in approaching a continual development of collaborative art. I certainly agree that this technique may not apply to all … Continue reading

concurrency control (pdf link) (pdf link) here are a couple of links to theses i found that discuss concurrency control in virtual environments.   this search term may bring up some better results (for educational institutions). i looked a little further into the schools that are listed here – both are just a component of … Continue reading

collaboration in advertising

the outcome doesn’t change based on the user input, but it is a collaborative effort in order to view it.