Tina’s 5 Research Project uses for crowd polling

  1. http://crowdpolling.org David’s system that allows you to crowd-poll music at a party.
  2. Research study on crowd-polling for use in changing group behaviour:
  3. Interactive stories that change your own decisions based on crowd polling choices:
  4. Research paper discussing the importance of real-time feedback in crowd polling systems and suggestions for lowering crowd latency: http://people.csail.mit.edu/msbernst/papers/adrenaline-uist2011.pdf
  5. Crowdvoted translation systems that allow for better translation results: http://www.crowdsourcing.org/document/translation-services-usas-crowdsourcing-translator-ackunacom-raises-the-bar-for-more-accurate-machine-translations-/2595 // ackuna.com
  6. Breakthroughs to Cures:
    Summary: An online game that allows for quick, iterative ideation for faster medical advances. Through the simulataneous viewing of two videos published on two different dates, participants then responded in 140 chars or less their solutions or ideas to the issues in the videos during the conversation.

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