Crowd Polling Resources

Some results for Crowd Polling on Google:

A website that allows you to crowd-poll on ideas:

Teehan+Lax discusses billboard polls:

iOS mobile crowd polling app:

More Audience Response:

Crowd games:

Mobile polling station:

Interaxon’s brainwave collective control of the CN Tower lights at Vancouver Olympics 2010:

Audience Response systems on Wikipedia:

Collectively controlling a helicopter (?):

Also, audience response systems (crowd voting systems) are used in focus group situations where you watch an ad, and then are asked your opinion on things in the ads, by tapping a number on a remote control, and that number is sent automatically and immediately to a receiver in the room, recording your answers.

Loosely related, though not the same thing as polling a crowd for an event / immediate control: -> If you click Full Text and search  for Collective Control, it discusses a musical “collective control” performance… from the 60s… video here: -> could be a bit “high-level”, but this is a potential educational resource

Not too sure how much this one relates:

Collective crowd gesture detection proposal:

Collective control of a musical instrument through the movement of a number of people in a space:

On Collective Manual Control of Autonomous Mobile Robots


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